MilkMaker Triticale/Pea Mixture

milkmaker triticale/pea mix

MilkMaker Triticale/Pea Mixture is composed of a soft-leaved triticale (for improved palatability) and a true forage pea for improved tonnage and quality. MilkMaker is a 50/50 mix. The smaller seed size on the forage pea will allow for more peas in the field, assuring greater opportunity for improved forage quality.

Plant 100-120 pounds per acre and harvest MilkMaker approximately 60 days after planting (when peas start to bloom). 


Feast ii italian ryegrass can be used for grazing - or at a reduced rate per acres - for an alfalfa nurse crop.

Feast II Italian Ryegrass

Feast II is a late-maturing tetraploid ryegrass bred primarily for grazing. Feast II is short-lived (1+ crop years), but extremely productive. It is a profuse tillering, quick-growing variety with very little re-heading, making it an ideal nurse crop for alfalfa production. Feast II is less sensitive to drought and heat than many ryegrass varieties. Farmers should see very impressive milk and meat gains feeding Feast II. 

Feast II Italian Ryegrass


Partner Brand Pea/Oats

Partner Brand Peas and Oat Mixture is a 50/50 Mix of Forage Peas and Jerry Oats. It is planted along with the alfalfa seeding in order to provide cover and well as outstanding, quick feed. Most producers plant this mix (along with their alfalfa) at between 75-100 pounds per acre. Harvest is typically 50-60 days after seeding. Producers should expect both a high yield and excellent forage quality. 


On seeding rates with alfalfa as a nurse crop: oats 32 lbs/ac (bu). Oats for a forage 3 bu/ac. 

Oats available through CISCO:


Galaxy Spring Triticale

Galaxy Spring Triticale acting as a cover for orchardgrass and red clover

Spring Triticale 50-70 lbs/ac as a nurse crop, 100 to 120 alone.  Udder filler, go by the field guide as a stand alone crop only.