Indiana NRCS/SWCD Approved Cover Crop Mixes

If you’re a farmer that is applying for cost share on cover crops in your county, then you need to know that the county will pay $33/acre for a 2 way mix and $43/acre for a 3 way mix. The criteria is simple:

Both mixes must contain 1 species that will overwinter.

With that in mind, here are two options from CISCO that meet the guidelines:

Modified Nutribuilder

Our regular Nutribuilder Mix has annual ryegrass as one of its components. With the Modified Nutribuilder, we've replaced the annual ryegrass with certified seed oats. So this mix consists of oats, radish, and crimson clover. Both the oats and the radish will winterkill, but the crimson clover will overwinter. 

The winter of 2013/2014 was particularly brutal, and although other plots of crimson clover died, the crimson clover in the Modified Nutribuilder survived, primarily since the oat cover protected it. 

Modified Nutribuilder - seeded in August - picture in October. 

Cereal Rye/Radish Mix

Cereal rye is a great cover crop because it easily overwinters every year and you can plant it so late in the season. The radish component penetrates deep into the soil profile, scavenging nutrients and penetrating the hard pan. 

Cereal Rye/Radish Mix - seeded in August - picture in October. 

Modified Nutribuilder to the left - notice the prolific growth on the oats. Cereal Rye/Radish Mix on the right. Picture taken in October. 

Modified Nutribuilder - April 2014. The crimson clover survived the harsh winter. 

Cereal Rye/Radish Mix - the cereal rye had no problem surviving the harsh winter.