Profit Orchardgrass

greg downing, cisco forage agronomist, standing in a plot of profit orchardgrass at the university of kentucky. Note: there is very little rust in the profit plot. 


Profit Orchardgrass is late-maturing and bred primarily for forage production. Farmers should see very impressive dry matter production, resulting in increased profits. Profit exhibits excellent rust resistance, making it more favorable to animals for grazing and hay production. Profit also demonstrates excellent stand persistence.

Notable Characteristics:

profit is a high producing orchardgrass with great rust resistance.

  • High forage production
  • Superior disease resistance
  • Late-maturing
  • Quick establishment
  • Excellent rust resistance
  • Persistent

Profit Orchardgrass

macbeth meadow brome is a great companion crop with alfalfa. 

MacBeth is used for pasture, hay and haylage. It is highly palatable to all classes of livestock and wildlife. MacBeth is excellent used as a companion for alfalfa. 

MacBeth is one of the earliest species to initiate growth in the spring and grows quickly during cool conditions. Because of its deep roots and tiller base, it is capable of strong summer growth and regrowth following grazing or haying. It recovers rapidly following mowing or grazing - even during the hot periods of the year. MacBeth is very winter hardy and produces well in areas with spring frost.


HayMaster is designed for both hay producers and managed intensive grazers. HayMaster is comprised of MacBeth Meadow Brome and Preval Meadow Fescue - two very palatable and high yielding grasses - in a 50/50 mixture.

Farmers can expect improved summer production over ryegrass/festulolium, excellent winterhardiness, and excellent platability. 


Albion Perennial Ryegrass

Albion is a tetraploid perennial ryegrass that is performing exceptionally well as far south as Missouri. Bred for better summer production, Albion makes a great companion crop with alfalfa, but can also be used in multi-species grazing mixes.

Forage Tall Fescue

Bull Tall fescue planted with wl 353LH & Tekapo orchardgrass. tall fescue is a great companion crop to alfalfa.

Low endophyte tall fescue makes a great companion with alfalfa. CISCO carries several excellent forage type tall fescues, including Bull, Bronson, and Martin II.