Champion Pasture Mix

Formulated with grass varieties selected for the horses and all production animals. It is a mix of highly palatable varieties that make super quality forage. Top choice for grazing and hay. 

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Seed at 35-50/lb per acre 

Renovator Special is a great choice when overseeding worn out pastures.

Renovator Special Mix

Proper coulter depth is essential when overseeding Renovator Special

Renovator Special is specially designed for renovating existing pastures. Renovator Special works well for inter-seeding into existing horse and cattle pastures. It is also used for improving weak alfalfa stands. Dairy, beef, and sheep producers, along with horse owners can all benefit from using Renovator Special. It is endophyte free. 

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Overseeding often produces outstanding results. 

Seed at 10-25 lbs/acre

Hi Energy Ryegrass Mix

Hi Energy Ryegrass Mix is formulated for managed intensive grazing. It is a mix of highly palatable ryegrass varieties selected for making milk or putting weight on growing livestock. 

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Seed at 35-45 lbs/acre

Other Available Grasses

  • Tekapo, Profit, and Late Mate II OrchardGrass
  • Bronson, Bull, and Martin II Tall Fescue
  • MacBeth and Fleet Meadow Brome
  • York Smooth Brome
  • Preval Meadow Fescue
  • Albion, Power, and TetraSweet Perennial Ryegrass 
  • Chiefton and Palaton Reed Canarygrass
  • Bluegrass