Annual Ryegrass

Annual ryegrass is a very cost effective and versatile cover crop option. You can drill it or fly it on. It's an excellent nutrient scavenger and compaction buster. And it's usually among the cheapest of cover crops to buy. 


The winter of 2014 proved to be very harsh.

However, it also helped us determine if we had good annual ryegrass varieties available to sell to cover croppers. 

Year after year, in the Ohio State annual ryegrass winter injury trial, Winterhawk Annual Ryegrass shows a dominant winter hardiness rating over the competition.

Since winter hardiness is one of the primary concerns as to whether an annual ryegrass variety works well as a cover crop, this proves to be impressive data.

While there are many annual ryegrass varieties on the market, it's important to know that you are purchasing one with proven winter survival.

Click the link below to review the results. 

Ohio State Trial Data

Others annual ryegrass varieties available from CISCO: LowBoy, Centurion, Bruiser