Forage Perenial Ryegrass

Remington PLUS NEA2

Remington PLUS NEA2 is a combination of Barenbrug's proven variety, Remington, with an added beneficial endophyte. Remington is a high-yielding, high quality tetraploid ryegrass. It was selected in the US for its sward density, high yields, and superior disease resistance, and improved winter tolerance. Remington shows improved tolerance to heat and performs longer into the summer months than many other varieties. 

Remington can be grazed and also utilized in high moisture cutting systems. Its exceptional palatability promotes high dry matter intake in a grazing situation. And, as a perennial ryegrass, Remington provides extremely nutritious and digestible forage. 

The addition of the NEA2 beneficial endophyte expands this area of adaptation, allowing Remington PLUS NEA2 to persist in regions where perennial ryegrass typically dies out due to summer stress. 

Meadow Fescue

Milkway (Effective Fiber and High Energy)

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  • Milkway is part of the NutriFiber program

Milkway contains fescue varieties that test and perform well in TMR of high producing dairy cows at the University of Wisconsin.

Milkway contains a mix of high yielding meadow fescue and extremely digestible soft leaf tall fescue cultivars. Pradel meadow fescue provides exceptionally high NDFd and thus improved rate of digestion. It does not cause "rumen fill" as it is one of the lowest NDF grasses that can be grown in the Northern USA. BarElite and Bariane soft leaf tall fescues are world renowned for their suitability for dairy TMR due to their low NDF and high NDFd values. 

Milkway is the ideal grass blend for TMR silage production; it provides stable NDF and NDFd throughout the season so the dairyman can pack different cuttings in the same bunk. Research shows that using Milkway grass blend in dairy TMR can improve milk production 5-15 percent over traditional wheat straw diets. 

When Milkway is planted as a monostand, it produces high dry matter yields under manure or nitrogen fertilizer applications. Milkway also works well interplanted with alfalfa, as is will not outcompete the stand, will be ready to harvest along with the alfalfa, and will persist for multiple years. 

Tall Fescue


  • STF-43 is part of the NutriFiber program

STF-43 is a premiuim blend of late maturing, soft leaf tall fescues. This blend is formulated with varieties that provide exceptional levels of dry matter. STF-43 is highly digestible, therefore promoting rumen health and productivity. STF-43 is well suited for cutting systems and an excellent selection for planting with legumes. 


Italian Ryegrass

Green Spirit (Diploid/Tetraploid)

  • Green Spirit is part of the NutriFiber program

Green Spirit is a blend of diploid and tetraploid Italian ryegrasses. It can be used as a rotation crop for fall planting. When planted in the spring, seed heads do not emerge during the first year. Green Spirit is a perfect high quality emergency feed. Compared to small grains, it offers higher yield of higher quality forage for a lower seed cost. 

The varieties used in Green Spirit require prolonged periods of cold weather for vernalization. Once vernalized, the plant has the ability to produce seed heads which result in the loss of forage quality. 

Green spirit


Barfest (Winter Hardy; Less Heading)

Barfest is a late maturing festulolium variety developed for better persistence. Barfest is winterhardy and highly palatable. It produces excellent dry matter yields in forage trials in the northern US as well as the transition zone. Barfest also exhibits excellent rust resistance and performs well in heavier soils. 


HLR Orchardgrass (High Leaf Ratio)

HLR Orchardgrass contains the best and latest orchardgrass varieties from Barenburg's breeding program. The varieties have been selected for high leaf-to-stem ratio which means more leaves for improved digestibility and energy, with less stems that reduce the palatability of the pasture. HLR Orchardgrass is resistant to rust and other leaf diseases. The intermediate to late heading varieties in HLR are ideal for interplanting with alfalfa. 


Barkant (High Dry Matter Production)

Barkant is a vigorous diploid turnip variety with a purple tankard root (50 percent of the bulb is on top of the ground). Barkant has high bulb yield with good top growth. It also has high sugar content which provides winter hardiness and increased palatability. Barkant has good tolerance to bolting and under a correct grazing management system can provide multiple harvests with up to 4-6 tons/acres of dry matter production in 60-90 days. Barkant is also suitable for stockpiling or strip grazing with sheep and cattle. 

barkant turnips