Barenbrug Forages

Barenbrug Forages are known for persistence, quality, and excellent performance in the field. CISCO is pleased to be able to source Barenbrug forages for our customers. 

NutriFiber - The Highly Digestible Fiber for Dairy Rations

STF-43 Tall Fescue

STF 43.jpg

STF-43 is an innovative blend of late-maturing, soft-leaved tall fescues. STF-43 is the result of Barenbrug's forage analyses program which measured NDF (neutral detergent fiber) and NDFd (NDF digestibility).

Characteristics of STF-43

  • produces impressive dry matter yields
  • contains exceptional levels of digestible fiber
  • provides energy derived that digestible fiber - as well as the valuable effects of fiber - which together promote rumen health and productivity, and, in turn animal health and productivity

With the laboratory analyses, Barenbrug identified significant differences in amount of fiber (NDF) and its digestibility (NDFd) between improved varieties. STF-43 is formulated with varieties to provide exceptional levels of digestible fiber per pound of dry matter fed.

Fed to high-producing animals such as lactating dairy cows, STF-43 STF-43 is well-suited for hay and haylage/baleage production. It is an excellent selection for a mixed or interplanting with a legume. STF-43 is late-maturing and endophyte-free.

Barolex Drover.JPG

barolex tall fescue

Characteristics of Barolex

  • soft-leafed tall fescue
  • late maturing
  • softer leaves
  • more palatable
  • better rust resistance
  • winter-hardy

baroptima plus e34 tall fescue

BarOptima PLUS E34 is a high energy and high yielding variety, which is bred in association with the revolutionary beneficial endophyte E34.

Tall fescue is typically know for its yield and persistence. With BarOptima PLUS E34, you also get forage quality.

The technology that brings this all together is E34, a beneficial fungal endophyte that was discovered by the Barenbrug Worldwide Research Team.

It was inoculated into Barenbrug elite soft-leaf tall fescue germplasm, which was used to breed the variety BarOptima PLUS E34.

Check out the video to the right. 

Green Spirit Italian Ryegrass.jpg

green spirit italian ryegrass blend

Green Spirit Italian Ryegrass Blend is a combination of both diploid and tetraploid Italian ryegrasses. It can be used as a rotation crop for fall planting.

When planted in the spring, seed heads do not emerge during the first year.

Green Spirit is a perfect high-quality emergency feed. Compared to small grains, Green Spirit offers higher yields of higher quality forage for a lower seed cost.

Milkway Meadow Fescue.jpg

milkway meadow fescue

Milkway contains fescue varieties that test and perform well in TMR of high producing dairy cows at University of Wisconsin.

Milkway contains high yielding meadow fescue and extremely digestable soft leaf tall fescue cultivars.

Milkway is the ideal grass blend for TMR silage production. 

HLR Orchardgrass.jpg

hlr orchardgrass

HLR Orchardgrass contains the best and latest orchardgrass varieties from Barenbrug's breeding program.

Characteristics of HLR Orchardgrass

  • high leaf-to-stem ratio
  • improved digestibility and energy
  • high palatability
  • improved disease tolerance
  • ideal for interplanting with alfalfa


barfest festulolium

Barfest Festulolium is a late maturing festulolium variety developed for improved persistence.

Characteristics of Barfest Festulolium

  • winter-hardy and highly palatable
  • excellent yields in several forage trials in the Midwest
  • outstanding rust resistance
  • performs well in heavier soils


remington plus nea 2 perennial ryegrass

Remington PLUS NEA2, is a new combination of Barenbrug’s proven variety, Remington, with a beneficial endophyte, NEA2.  

Characteristics of Remington PLUS NEA2

  • high-yielding, high quality tetraploid ryegrass
  • selected in the US for its sward density, high yields and excellent disease resistance
  • improved winter tolerance
  • improved tolerance to heat
  • produces longer into the summer than the competition
  • well suited to grazing and high moisture cutting systems
  • exceptional palatability promotes high dry matter intake in a grazing situation
  • extremely nutritious and digestible forage.

The addition of the NEA2 beneficial endophyte expands this area of adaption, allowing Remington PLUS NEA2 to persist in regions where perennial ryegrass typically dies out due to summer stress. 

Barkant Turnips.jpg

barkant turnips

Barkant is an improved forage turnip that combines higher leaf production and a purple tankard root (50% of the bulb is above the soil surface). Barkant produces high yields with good top growth.

Barkant is a diploid variety, with good resistance to bolting and very good disease resistance. The high sugar content provides winter hardiness and improved palatability.

Production of up to 4-6 tons/acre of dry matter under good grazing management is common. Crop maturity occurs in 60-90 days.

Excellent for stockpiling and strip grazing. Barkant turnips provide an excellent option for pasture renovation break crop.

freedom medium red clover

Freedom Medium Red clover has its name because of its freedom from pubescence (non-glandular hairs), is one of the latest red clovers developed exclusively for Barenbrug USA.

Freedom is ideal for hay production. With less pubescence than typical red clovers, it dries faster in the field and reduces the chance for loss of quality due to untimely rainfall.

In addition, less pubescence also reduces the dustiness of hay, thus improving air quality.

Freedom medium red clover is also well adapted for grazing and silage. It is palatable and nutritious. It has improved winter-hardiness and persistence. 

Alice White Clover.jpg

alice white clover

Characteristics of Alice White Clover

  • great companion with grasses
  • best utilized with grazing
  • large-leaved – high producer
  • winter-hardy – persistent, vigorous growth
  • high nitrogen fixation – reduced fertilizer costs
  • high palatability and nutritive value