Hay & Graze Clover Mix

Introducing clover into a pasture is one of the easiest ways to improve production. 

Gallant Red Clover and Profit Orchardgrass Being Wilted for Balage

Hay & Graze Clover Mix is a mixture of outstanding clovers formulated at just the right percentage to give the best benefit for production livestock managers. 

Gallant Red Clover is an industry leading clover that will give your pasture years of production. 

Kopu II Clover is an aggressive spreading white clover with very large leaves. 

Put together in this formulation, these two clover thrive together to bring you a revitalized pasture or hay field. 

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Seed at 8-12 lbs/acre


Gallant Red Clover after being frost seeded - along with Profit Orchardgrass - into an old pasture

Gallant Red Clover

Gallant red clover and profit orchardgrass spring regrowth

Gallant red clover is setting the new standard in premium forage red clovers. The Ohio State University forage trial shows that Gallant is the highest yielding variety. In addition
Gallant improves with age, out-yielding all varieties in year two of the trial. This is due in large part to excellent persistence, where Gallant led the trial in stand life and was over 5 times more persistent than common red clover. Gallant also out-yielded common by 2.5 tons per acre. With the high prices of hay this makes Gallant a great investment. If you plan on planting red clover, plan on planting Gallant!

Ohio State Data on Gallant Red Clover