Click on the picture above to view a PDF version of our latest cover crop guide. 

Click on the picture above to view a PDF version of our latest cover crop guide. 

NutriBuilder Mix

Ground-applied Nutribuilder. 

Nutribuilder is a mix of annual ryegrass, crimson clover, and cover crop radish. The seeding rate is 20-25 lb./acre. 

Ground-applied Nutribuilder post harvest. 

Benefits of NutriBuilder Mix

  • Produces Nitrogen

A good stand of this mix should produce
up to 60-100 pounds of N/acre.

  • Scavenges and Holds Nitrogen

Tests have shown cover crop radish have scavenged as much as 130 pounds of N/acre (tops and tubers combined—with manure applied). According to multi-State research, Annual Ryegrass can scavenge well over 300 pounds of N/acre.

  • Attracts Earthworms
  • Deep Rooted: Great for breaking through compaction

Click here to view the Nutribuilder tech sheet.   

Groundbreaker Mix

Groundbreaker Mix is an excellent producer and scavenger of nutrients. It's a great cover crop to plant if your next cash crop is corn.

Groundbreaker is a mix of Austrian winter peas and Groundhog radish. The seeding rate is 30-35 lb./acre. Keep in mind that Groundbreaker Mix needs to be drilled.

Benefits of GroundbreakerMix

  • Peas can produce 60-120 units of N per acre

Groundbreaker producing and scavenging nutrients - notice the nodulation on the peas. 

Planting Corn into groundbreaker mix in a year when the austrian winter peas did not winterkill. results are in the picture below. 

groundbreaker provided excellent ground cover to fight against weed pressure. 

  • Peas will usually winterkill; if not, can easily be terminated in the spring
  • Great for improving soil health
  • An excellent home for earthworms

Click  here  to view the Groundbreaker tech sheet.   

Crimson Cover-All Mix

Crimson Cover All - excellent scavenger and producer of nutrients. 

Crimson Cover-All is a mix of crimson clover and cover crop radish. The seeding rate is 17-20 lb./acre.

Benefits of Crimson Cover-All Mix

  • Excellent winter hardiness 
  • Can produce up to 140 units of N/acre within 90 days following wheat

Checking out crimson cover-all at a root pit dig in northern indiana.

  • Earthworm “Heaven”
  • Easy to kill
  • Deep and fibrous root system (21” deep)

Crimson clover is one of the few clovers to have a fibrous root system.

Crimson Cover All - a view under the soil. 

Click here to see the Crimson Cover-All tech sheet. 

Forager Mix

Forager Mix - a mix of oats, cereal rye, and Appin turnips. 

Forager Mix is a mix of seed oats, winter rye, and Appin turnips. The seeding rate is 105 lb./acre for maximum forage yield but can be reduced if using strictly for cover. 

Benefits of Forager Mix

Forager Mix is not just for grazing cattle; it also is great for soil health. 

  • Excellent choice for aerial application into standing row crops.

The oats and turnips grow the fastest in the fall and the rye is available for grazing over the winter and spring.

  • Provides excellent feed for cattle

Cattle gained 3.5#/day weight  gain in Illinois tests on Forager Mix

  • Produces deep roots
  • Scavenges Nitrogen


Click here to view the Forager tech sheet.  

Oat & Radish Mix

  • a mix of high quality oat seed and Scav-N-ger® radish
  • will winter kill
  • great for a first time cover cropper
  • produces a lot of biomass
  • soil tilth builder and nutrient scavenger
  • plant at least 6 weeks before a killing frost