Custom Cover Crop Mixes

Cover crop mixes are growing (pun intended) in popularity. The thought is this: the more roots, the better. If you want a cover crop mix, simply tell us what you want in what ratios, and we'll put it together for you. 

2015.9.14 - Oats Radish Crimson Clover Hicksville.jpg

Turn and Burn

Do you need a custom cover crop mix? Do you need it quickly?

Whether you just need a two way mix or a more elaborate cocktail, our specialty is getting your order, getting it mixed, and getting it back out the door and on the way to your location.

The adjacent picture is a simple three way mix of oats, crimson clover, and radish.

The picture galleries below show the mix in two different fields in Ohio. The dates for the pictures, left to right, are September 14, October 8, October 26, November 23, and January 4. 

We're dedicated to quality, clean, well-mixed seed. When you order a mix through CISCO, we want you to be confident that you are getting exactly what you ordered - and that you're getting when you need it. 

CISCO Seeds dedicated cover crop mixer. 

Video: Cocktail Mix - Oats, Radish, Crimson Clover