Check out the Legacy Alfalfa breeding program, of which Radiance HD and Enduro Elite are a part of. 

Endure Elite Alfalfa

Enduro Elite Alfalfa - FD 4; WH 2

Enduro Elite-APH2 with StandLife Genetics™ protection is an excellent alfalfa variety that is uniquely bred for outstanding resistance to multiple strains of Race 1 and Race 2 of Aphanomyces Root Rot. The Aphanomyces Root Rot disease prunes roots throughout the life of the stand. StandLife Genetics™ protection alleviates this problem better than any other alfalfa genetics.

Enduro Elite is an exceptionally high yielding and persistent alfalfa with excellent plant health and very good forage quality.  Place Enduro Elite in fields where you suspect heavier disease pressure for the greatest value of this tremendous variety.

Check out this trial data from Princeton, KY. 

2014 MSU Lake City Alfalfa Yield Results

Enduro Elite Alfalfa Excellent Wide Angle Picture - Close Up.jpg