Enduro Plus Brand Forage mixes

Enduro Plus is CISCO's brand of forage mixes. Enduro-Plus consists of only the best forage varieties available. All varieties in the Enduro-Plus product line have been developed and tested for forage quality, yield, and persistence. These products have been designed to give you higher relative feed values, which translates into more milk per acre, more beef per acre, or more energy
for horses.

Horse hay mix

We developed this mixture with horse owners in mind.  When someone mentions horse hay, there are multiple opinions of what horse owners want. 

The horse hay mix is a balance between alfalfa and grasses.  Many horses do not need pure alfalfa in their diet for many reasons.  The alfalfa provides protein for the horse ration, but also nitrogen for the growing grasses.  It is a win-win situation. 

Enduro 427 LHR alfalfa is potato leafhopper resistant and is non-GMO.  The Horse Hay Mix can be cut 3-4 times per growing season.  It is best suited on moderately to well drained soils with a pH of 6.5-7.0. 

This mixture can also be grazed.  It is important to rotate the animals across this as the alfalfa will not tolerate overgrazing.  30 day rest periods are sufficient. One 50 lb bag will plant two acres.  If you are planting 4 acres or 40, the Enduro Horse Hay Mix will meet your equine needs.

haymaster grass mix

The Haymaster grass mix is a 50/50 (by weight) blend of MacBeth meadow brome and Perseus meadow fescue. 

The result is a very soft, palatable, high-yielding forage.  It dries well for hay, but also works well for pasture.  Meadow fescue contains no endophyte and can be a better option than tall fescue. 

This mix performs best on well drained soils.


beef pasture mix

The Enduro Beef Pasture Mix is a simple mixture that works very well for beef cattle or dry dairy cows. 

It is predominantly Bronson tall fescue, but also contains Gallant red clover and Jumbo II ladino clover.  This is a great mixture that will stockpile well.  The legumes feed the grass with nitrogen as well as add crude protein to the ration. 

The Beef Pasture mix performs well across a wide range of soil drainage and pH levels.  If you have excess pasture, this also works well for baleage and/or dry hay.


Seeding Rate: 2-8 lb/acre; Planting Date: April - May; August; can also frost seed in late February/early March

Hay & Graze Clover Mix is a mixture of outstanding clovers formulated at just the right percentage to give the best benefit for production livestock managers. 

Gallant Red Clover is an industry leading clover that will give your pasture years of production. 

Legacy Ladino Clover is an aggressive spreading white clover with very large leaves. 

Put together in this formulation, these two clovers thrive together to bring you a revitalized pasture or hay field. 

Click here to see tech sheet.  

drought buster

Sometimes the weather gives you lemons, so you need to adapt and make lemonade. 

The Drought Buster mix can help you do that during a dry grazing season.  It contains a grazing type orchardgrass, chicory, Gallant red clover, Legacy white clover, and Feast II short rotation ryegrass. 

This mix is intended for beef, dairy, or sheep.  It can produce some very high quality forage and tonnage during drier weather. 

It is going to do well for cool season forage, but will not be as drought tolerant as summer annuals such as pearl millet or sorghum sudangrass.

premium pasture mix

Premium Pasture Mix is a time tested formula that produces outstanding hay or pasture.

Characteristics of Premium Pasture Mix

  • all top producing, forage researched, value added varieties - no cheap fillers

  • balanced alfalfa/clover/grass mix for flexible use as hay or pasture

  • can be used for a legume base to add selected forage grasses for permanent pasture

  • only elite varieties

baler mix

Baler Mix is an alfalfa based mix that has proven itself year after year for flexibility and outstanding forage quality. 

Characteristics of Baler Mix

  • all top producing, forage researched, value added varieties - no cheap fillers

  • can be baled, chopped, or used for pasture

  • very flexible mix that is inoculated and ready to be planted

  • only elite varieties

For planting guidelines, see our Seeding Information Guide