NutriBuilder Mix

Nutribuilder is a mix of annual ryegrass, crimson clover, and cover crop radish. The seeding rate is 20-25 lb./acre. 

Benefits of NutriBuilder Mix

  • Produces Nitrogen

A good stand of this mix should produce up to 60-100 pounds of N/acre.

  • Scavenges and Holds Nitrogen

Tests have shown cover crop radish have scavenged as much as 130 pounds of N/acre (tops and tubers combined—with manure applied). According to multi-State research, Annual Ryegrass can scavenge well over 300 pounds of N/acre.

  • Attracts Earthworms
  • Deep Rooted: Great for breaking through compaction

The components of Nutribuilder - annual ryegrass, crimson clover, and radish - show up nicely in the photo. 

Nutribuilder ground applied.

Nutritbuilder ground applied - pre-harvest. 

Nutribuilder - earthworm view. 

Nutribuilder ground applied - then strip-tilled. 

Nutribuilder roots 31 inches deep.