Oats are a great cover crop, especially if you're just starting out. They work well along or in mixes. They will winterkill. 

Haywire oats

Haywire Oats are great for forage. Not only do you get the soil health benefits from planting oats, but you get a large amount of quality forage - if that's what you're after. If you do not want feed, buy the less expensive Jerry or VNS oats. 

Jerry oats

Jerry oats are great for cover - especially if you're not looking for forage. They provide rapid fall growth and will survive down to temperatures in the low 20's. 

Winterkilled plants will help protect other overwintering crops. We saw this in Noble county in the tough 2013/2014 winter where the oats protected crimson clover. 

Black Oats

Black oats add an interesting option to your cover crop choices. 

For planting guidelines, see our Seeding Information Guide