Pasture Perfect Brand Mixes

The Pasture Perfect brand consists of four different mixes - Champion Mix, Renovator Special, Midwestern Grazer, and Superior Forage Mix. These mixes are all top sellers in the CISCO program. 

champion mix

Champion Pasture Mix is our best selling pasture mix. 

It is well adapted to a wide range of soils and growing conditions.  Champion is an all grass mixture that works very well for horses and other livestock. 

It requires nitrogen to reach its best performance.  Top dress 50 lbs per acre of actual nitrogen in the spring, and then another 30 lbs of nitrogen per acre in midsummer to achieve optimal performance. 

Champion Pasture Mix does not contain any tall fescue.  It can also be blended with our Hay and Graze clover mix if legumes are needed.

renovator special

Renovator mix is a great short term forage either for a crop rotation or to fix some type of damaged area.  It may be a winter feedlot or a hill side that needs some quick cover. 

Renovator could also be used as a short term (2 yrs or so) between longer term crops such as alfalfa.  The ryegrass/festulolium blend produces high quality, quick establishing feed. 

It is not recommended to dry bale Renovator.

Midwestern Grazer

Midwestern Grazer was developed with intensive grazing in mind. 

It works well for dairy or beef cattle.  It is a high energy, very palatable blend of grasses and legumes. 

Midwestern Grazer performs well on well drained soils with a pH of 6.0 or above.  To maintain stand longevity, 28-35 day rotations are recommended. 

Midwestern Grazer is a perfect blend of improved forages to help you get the most out of your pastures.


Superior Forage Mix

Superior Forage Mix is very similar to the Midwestern Grazer Mix, except that it contains Enduro Elite alfalfa as well as grasses and clovers. 

This mix performs equally well as hay or as pasture. 

The Enduro Elite alfalfa  provides an advantage of great Aphonomyces root rot resistance, so this mix can be planted on somewhat heavier soils.

For planting guidelines, see our Seeding Information Guide