Peas are nitrogen producers. They work extremely well in mixes. In combination with radishes, we see great results in reducing compaction. 

Austrian winter peas

Austrian winter peas are great for adding nitrogen into your soil. They have been the standard "go to" pea when it comes to cover crops. 

They can produce between 60-120 lb. of nitrogen per acre. Sometimes they will overwinter, and if they do, are easy to terminated with herbicide. 

Austrian winter peas work very well in combination with radishes. 

frostmaster peas

Frostmaster peas are great for forage. They survive into the winter and are likely to be available in the spring - if the deer don't eat them first. 

They have excellent winterhardiness and strong plant growth. They are very sweet and quite desirable as a forage. 

However, they are also good nitrogen fixers. So you can build soil and deer simultaneously. 

Icicle Peas










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