WL AlfalfAS

WL is a leading producer of alfalfa genetics. They bring both conventional and genetically modified crops to the market place. 

WL Alfalfa Conventional Varieties

Wl 358LH - leaf hopper resistant

FD 4; WSI 2; DRI 35/35

WL 358LH is the next level in the widely recognized line of HopperShield™ alfalfa genetics from W-L Research.

Geared and selected for Midwest and Northeastern U.S. growers, WL 358LH is the latest in the line of varieties selected for the highest potato leafhopper resistance available, now the industry’s leading eighth-generation.

Combined with an improved yield and quality package, WL 358LH is an ideal pick for dairy, beef or cash hay growers looking to maximize production under various levels of leafhopper pressure. 

WL 354HQ - aphanomyces race 2 resistant

FD 4; WSI 2; DRI 35/35

WL 354HQ  has a unique wet soil disease resistance package (including HR to Aphanomyces Race 2).

It demonstrates significant on-farm benefits in stand establishment, persistence, and yield.

It carries with it a perfect Disease Resistance Index (DRI) of 35/35.

WL 354HQ has high yield potential under 3- to 5-cut harvest managements and is capable of producing big yields across a wide range of soil types.

2014.6.20 - WL367HQRR - CR36 - 1.JPG

WL 365HQ - high yielding / high quality

FD 5; WSI 2; DRI 30/30

WL 365HQ exhibits very high yield potential and agronomic performance under 4- to 6-cut harvest management systems.

It is now WL's highest-yielding winterhardy conventional HQ released to date.

WL Alfalfa Genuity® Roundup Ready® varieties


FD 4; WSI 2.2; DRI 30/30

WL 359LH.RR - 8th generation PLH HopperShield resistant “stack” with the Genuity® Roundup Ready® trait. 

Eighth-generation potato leafhopper resistance with HopperShield™ protection delivers high yield potential and forage quality without the need to spray, even under heavy leafhopper pressure.

2014.6.20 - WL367HQRR - CR36 - 5.JPG


FD 4; WSI 1.6; DRI 35/35

WL 356HQ RR - the highest Aphanomyces Root Rot Race 1 & 2 resistance in a Genuity® Roundup Ready® variety available.

It will produce well under under 3- to 5-cut harvest managements.

It has a unique wet soil disease resistance package (HR to Aphanomyces Race 2) which promotes better stand establishment, persistence, and forage yield.

WL 356HQ.RR carries the “HQ” designation, exhibiting strong potential to deliver higher feed intake, improve milk production, and increase profitability.

2015-05-19 - WL 367HQ.RR7.jpg


FD 5; WSI 1.8; DRI 30/30

WL 372HQ RR  is the highest-yielding HQ Genuity® Roundup Ready® variety released by W-L to date.

It has very high yield potential under 4- to 6-cut harvest schedules.

WL 372HQ.RR demonstrates “HQ” forage quality levels that promote higher feed intake, improved milk production, and greater profitability.

HarvXtra® Alfalfa varieties

WL341 - HarvXtra.jpeg

WL 341HVX.RR provides growers with expanded flexibility in cutting schedule to protect forage quality, or the ability to greatly enhance fiber digestibility and overall feed value while maintaining current harvest timing. Either option delivers tremendous value no matter the type of grower or operation.

WL HarvXtra 375.jpeg

WL 375HVX.RR compliments the 2016 release of FD4 WL 341HVX.RR, offering another valuable winterhardy option with a new, superior agronomic package and the HarvXtra® Alfalfa trait.

WL 375HVX.RR offers the flexibility of choosing to maximize fiber digestibility, or to pursue greater yield by delaying cutting frequency, perhaps removing 1 cut, without sacrificing feed quality.

Reduced-lignin % (ADL, acid detergent lignin) content of 22% less than the average of competitive check varieties gives WL 375HVX.RR a 16% greater RFQ (relative forage quality), and a 18% greater NDFD (neutral detergent fiber digestibility) than the average of competitive check varieties.

Yield performance of WL 375HVX.RR rivals WL 372HQ.RR, WL's highest yielding dormant variety ever, across 4 of their major U.S. research sites.

Resistant to Aphanomyces Race 1, 2, and 3. 

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