Graze King 90

Graze King 90 is a fall planted cereal grain that can be used as a forage in the following spring. Planting dates range from September to late November, depending on your latitude and growing conditions.  Cereal rye is very adaptable because of its ability to be planted very late in the fall yet have outstanding winterhardiness.  

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Silo-Pro Brachytic Dwarf BMR Forage Sorghum

Silo-Pro was introduced by CISCO in the spring of 2015.  What makes Silo-Pro work well in the Midwest is that it only gets 6-7 feet tall.  It is very resistant to lodging.  It has very wide leaves that canopy over the rows very quickly.  This is great weed control. 

Silo-Pro can be harvested once as a direct chop in the soft dough stage.  It can also be cut in the mid-boot stage, wilted, and chopped.  When cut in mid-boot, Silo-Pro will regrow and can be harvested again in the same manner.  The advantage of the two-cut system is a higher crude protein (CP) and improved TDN. 

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Enduro Elite Alfalfa Performing Well Against Aphanomyces Race 2

An area DSM was out scouting fields a few weeks back and found some significant problems with Aphanomyces Race 2.  He was in the Dubuque, Iowa area, which is known to be a hot-bed for APH2.  There were several areas in the field that were not as tall or vigorous.  He realized right away that it was likely an issue with APH2, so he dug up plants to see what was going on beneath the plant (APH2 is a soilborne fungus).

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