Specializing in Compressed Small Square Bales

At CISCO we do a lot to promote seed, how to plant it, and manage the growing crop. However we don’t always show what the end results are. In this article I am going to show you a unique operation located near North Manchester, IN - Flack Farms

Steve Flack specializes in cutting big square bales into compressed small square bales. Big square balers and bales are much more efficient from harvesting to hauling than small square balers.  However, not everyone is set up to handle 700 to 1,200 pound big square bales.  

This is a look at Flack Farm's Steffen 3600 Big Bale Conversion system. Learn more about Flack Farms: http://www.flackfarms.com.

I sold my small square baler to reduce maintenance costs, increase acres baled per day, and improve hauling efficiency.  In the video and pictures, 2nd cutting hay is being processed at Flack Farms.  It is a mixtures of WL 353 Leafhopper alfalfa, Tekapo Orchardgrass, and Bull Tall Fescue.  

The intent for this hay is the horse market.  It is great to be able to pull into a horse farm and unload small square bales on pallets rather than having to handle them all by hand. This is just one of the many ways that seed from CISCO has been planted, grown, and harvested.