Teff Grass as an Alternative Summer Forage

CISCO is currently experiencing very strong demand for  summer annuals such as sorghum sudangrass, forage sorghum, sudangrass, and pearl millet.  

Supply for these seeds is very tight. Why?

There is very little carryover from 2012's low supplying harvest.  This is not news to all farmers, and many have been putting in early orders secure their needs for the summer.

Steve Houghton, CISCO's seed division buyer, has suggested an alternative to help during this time of shortage.  

Teff Grass

In addition to the above mentioned crops, Teff grass is a viable option for producing high quality summer forage. CISCO's Summer Delite Teff grass is an improved variety that is in adequate supply and one of the very few seeds that is actually cheaper this year in price compared to last year! 

Planting Teff Grass

Teff grass seed is very small, so it is extremely important to provide a firm seed bed before planting. Be very careful when calibrating drills to compensate for the seed size. 

Harvesting Teff Grass

The first harvest of Teff should be cut and bailed.  The second and third growth of Teff grass can be grazed if that is part of your management scheme. 

Weed Control  

Check out this article if you're struggling with weeds in your Teff.  


CISCO's Summer Delight Teff Grass produces high quality forage in the summer.