Dairy Making the Most of Albion Ryegrass

Emerald Dairies, in Monet, MO is making the most out of their Albion tetraploid perennial ryegrass pastures. Currently they are utilizing this product in a pasture that is going on its fourth year of grazing. During the grazing season they are trying to average a 20 day rotation.

Albion Ryegrass being grazed for the fourth time in Missouri - and it's only May. 

The picture above was taken during the fourth grazing this year on this Albion field. The regrowth you see is after having grazed it only 18 days ago.  When we began to see the results that graziers were experiencing in Missouri, we quickly realized we needed to get this product into our mixes in the upper Midwest. Last year, in the summer of 2014, we began putting Albion to the test. The results we're seeing so far are quite favorable. Albion is definitely a grass that you'll want to incorporate into your farming operation. 

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