WL Roundup Ready® Alfalfa Looking Good in First Cutting

This is year two for this Goshen, IN farmer with WL Roundup Ready® alfalfa. As they were heading to the field for harvest, they gave us a call to let us know that the alfalfa was waist high and weed free. So we went to the field to take some photos.  

The benefits of the Roundup Ready® system have been highly touted in alfalfa production. This field proved out all of the benefits. This particular field:

  • established quickly
  • showed virtually no weed pressure
  • has an extremely high plant population
  • is providing excellent yields
  • is very thick - search in vain for your feet when you walk through this field
  • no fear of crop damage from traditional alfalfa herbicides

WL Roundup Ready® alfalfa is known for its:

  • very high yield potential under 4, 5, and 6 cut harvest schedules
  • superior digestibility - producing more milk or beef and greater profit potential
  • value vs. the competition in head-to-head digestibility comparisons
  • winterhardiness (WH=1.9); delivers long stand life even under the toughest weather conditions
  • perfect disease resistance index (DRI) of 30/30 
  • dark green appearance, fine stems, and high palatability

CISCO Seeds has several Roundup Ready® alfalfa varieties available