FIXatioN Balansa Clover Getting Rave Reviews

The feedback that we’ve received this year has been excellent!  FIXatioN has shown excellent performance as a cover crop, forage crop, and for wildlife food plots.  

FIXatioN as a Cover Crop

As a cover crop FIXatioN has demonstrated superior cold tolerance to that of Dixie and VNS crimson clover.  FIXatioN is being utilized as a weed controlling cover crop (smother crop) in organic corn production, in blends with small grains (ask about seeding rates if interested), and as a nitrogen producer.  

FIXatioN as a Nitrogen Producer

We underestimated the nitrogen contribution potential of FIXatioN. We have gathered enough data from enough locations to determine nitrogen contribution.  Calculations have confirmed -you can expect between 67 and 96 lbs. of N/ton of dry matter with FIXatioN when incorporating the plant material into your soil. 

FIXatioN for Pasture Improvement

As a forage FIXatioN has shown excellent performance when sown into pastures.  FIXatioN is superior to white clover as it dies off each year instead of competing with the grasses for available nutrients and moisture.  When the FIXatioN plants die they release all of the nitrogen they created, making it available for use by the grasses; white clover keeps most of the nitrogen that it produces for its own usage.  When allowed to flower and set seed, FIXatioN is capable of regenerating itself in the fall when growing conditions are once again conducive to good plant health. 

What we all found very interesting was the spot where the plot ended and where the seeded area went beyond the electric fence.  You could see how hard it had been grazed up to the fence.  

FIXatioN with Small Grains

FIXatioN is excellent with small grains or by itself as a counter-cyclical crop to silage corn.  If you know of a dairy that plants silage corn, recommend FIXatioN to be planted in the fall.  In the spring, prior to planting their silage corn, they can harvest a crop of highly digestible legumes.

FIXatioN in Wildlife Food Plots

FIXatioN has also shown excellent performance as a wildlife food plot.  Dr. Bronson Strickland recently sent me an email in which he said, “You've got some winners with the Frosty Berseem and the Fixation Balansa. Please see the attached photos of the Fixation clover taken today. Its growing like crazy! We definitely want to plant more this fall."  He plans on recommending both of our new clovers to be mixed with oats for food plots.