Crop Insurance and Cover Crops - Webinar

Below is a note we received from Risa Demasi of Grasslands Oregon

I thought I’d pass along a link to a great webinar I attended last week put on by NRCS, ATTRA, and RMA. It has to do with the most recent changes to crop insurance and how it deals with the use of cover crops. These policy changes were made in the last 2 weeks so the information is fresh and answers a lot of questions, particularly about termination and use for forage/hay. As you may know previously there was some concern and some troubling wording stating that to use cover crops for forage/hay would be considered a ‘crop’ and disallow farmers to receive insurance on their primary crop. The new policy language now allows for this which should promote adoption at an accelerated pace.

I encourage you to view the webinar, it’s worth the time to become familiar with how this will be implemented as I’m sure you are (or will) receive questions about it.

Click here to see the webinar. 

Thank you, Risa, for passing along this great information to us.